How about three full days of high-speed fun around an internationally accredited race track in Pattaya, Thailand?  Racing a track prepped sports bike in the holiday capital of the world?  Read on....

"You hire the bike, we give you three days of track time and as much or as little instruction as you can handle".

Ever dreamed of getting your knee down?   So, you've done a few track days but getting that knee down still seems to elude you.  When you do finally hear and feel that knee slider making contact with the tarmac for the first time the sense of joy simply can't be explained.  Probably one of the biggest rushes you will ever feel.  For those that have their knee down you know exactly what we mean.

Many of those that attend our events are knee down virgins.  Most lose their virginity on the first or second day.  Read more in our teaching section.

Are you a Track Day junkie?   We have an open pit lane at the track for eight hours of track time per day.  As we only have a maximum of ten riders per event on a 2.4km track, that means you will certainly get your fix. 

The circuit is quite technical and has something for everyone.  We have had experienced riders coming from National Super Stock, Superbike, and World Superbike all of whom comment on how much fun this track truly is.  Read more about Bira Circuit in our track section.